In 2015, we launched a successful 10-week pilot project in partnership with Art City Toronto, a not for profit organization based in St. James Town. The community is located in Toronto’s inner city and the majority of the residents are new to Canada and come from countries where they have experienced war, poverty and abuse. It is Canada’s most densely populated community and the average family income is less than $23,000/year.

Today, Suitcase Theatre offers weekly drama and dance classes at no charge to the children at Art City. By partnering with Art City, we are able to enrich the programming they offer without the need to invest in additional overhead.


Bringing laughter and joy into the lives of children undergoing chemotherapy, or treatment for other serious illnesses, is a priority for Suitcase Theatre. Our programs provide children and families a fun, interactive break; a unique chance to relax, connect and re-energize; and an escape from the stressful and hectic medical environment. For those who aren’t able to be a part of the fun in-studio at Sick Kids, the show is filmed and broadcast to every child’s hospital room so they can take part and be involved while they receive care.

The creative learning opportunities that Suitcase Theatre provides can boost a child’s self-confidence and foster coping skills essential for their health and well-being. Suitcase Theatre is always looking to expand our reach by offering more interactive drama, dance and puppetry workshops, as well as performances for children and families undergoing medical therapies.

If you are interested in supporting our community initiatives, please connect with us at 647-654-PLAY (7529) or

Suitcase Theatre would like to thank Johanna Weaver for sponsoring our community outreach programs to Ronald McDonald House from 2016-2019.

Suitcase Theatre would like to thank Boehringer Ingleheim Canada Inc. and Rosedale United Church for their support of our outreach programs to children’s healthcare organizations.

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