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Our original musical productions carry messages of friendship, co-operation and overcoming obstacles. With toe-tapping music, terrific lyrics and engaging characters, our actors deliver memorable experiences for children from JK-Grade 5.

Our plays cost $699/performance. We have a limited number of subsidies for schools that meet our eligibility requirements. We are an approved TDSB vendor and have VSS clearance, and we also work in partnership with the TCDSB and other Boards of Education across the GTA.


“Exposure to and participating in dramatic and musical arts is vital in improving our students’ abilities in other areas of the curriculum. Beginning this exposure from an early age provides an opportunity for students’ creative spirits to flourish and grow. Thank you so much for being part of that development.”

-Principal, Toronto District School Board

The show we are touring in 2017 and 2018 is All Aboard: An Adventure Across Canada – For Kids!

Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday with us!

To book a show at your school, please contact us at or at 647-654-7529.


Join Suitcase Theatre in their latest musical production, “All Aboard! An Adventure Across Canada For KIDS!” Meet us at the Imagination Station, grab your ticket and hop on board the Learning Locomotive. The interactive coast-to-coast Canadian adventure explores the diversity of people and places through song and dance. All Aboard is an action-packed journey where the audience gets to be a part of the wonderful discovery of what makes Canada such an amazing place to live and learn. There’s something for everyone on this exciting trip across our great land! All Aboard – your Canadian adventure awaits!

The play runs 50 minutes with time for a Q + A and meet the cast after the show.

“My students gave it a trillion thumbs up!”

Written and Directed by Ryan Jacobs Music and Lyrics by Tyler Check and Tristan Hernandez Art Designer: Robert Johannsen

Actors: Chris Mayo, Jacques St. Pierre, Anna Wheeler, Allison Lavigne, Elijah Manalo and Dan Byrne

Stage Manager: Nick Visscher

Download the pdf for All Aboard here: All Aboard!









Other Shows

The Thumbs Up Circus

Step right up, step right up, for the greatest show on earth! The Thumbs Up Circus is in town, ready to transform any space into a dazzling circus ring. This is Suitcase Theatre’s newest and most portable musical yet, packed high with imagination and original song. The performance features audience interaction and engagement.

Join the Ringmaster and meet some new clown friends as they discover their unique gifts and talents. Together with their very sleepy friend, Euka the Koala, The Thumbs Up Circus performers learn about trust, hard work and friendship.

The Thumbs Up Circus celebrates bravery, teamwork and dreaming BIG! Children learn the value in trusting others when faced with great challenges because behind great work, is greater team work!

No big cats or bears were harmed in the making of this show. The Thumbs Up Circus recruits YOU to play the part of animals instead. Come on down and “Let’s Make Magic Out of Nothing” together! Meet the artists and giant puppet following show!

Recommended Audience: JK-Grade 3

Group size: 5-200 people

Length: 45 minutes

For booking information, please contact

Music and lyrics by Doug Price

Directed by Doug Price, Alanna Balicki and Daniel Brereton

Adapted by Ryan Jacobs

Musical Director and Stage Manager Scott MacKay

The Friend Ship

The Friend Ship is the tale of an extraordinary suitcase that transforms on stage into a friendly pirate ship. The ship’s crew includes Captain 5, First Mate Froo, stowaway squirrel Chippy and Morris the Monkey.

In search of Monkey’s home island, their sea voyage is filled with fun-loving adventure where the audience is called into action to play the role of friendly pirates. Once their final destination is reached, it becomes clear that Chippy holds the acorn destined to give new life to a treeless island where squirrels can be squirrels and monkeys can dance!

The play celebrates self-confidence and care for the earth. Children learn the value of cultivating friends, lending a neighbour a helping hand and seeing challenges through to the end.

Meet the pirate, First Mate, Chippy and Morris the Monkey after the show!

Recommended Audience: PreK-Grade 3

Group size: 5-200 people

Length: 40 minutes

For booking information, please contact

Music and lyrics by Doug Price and Stu Gilchrist

Directed by Doug Price

Musical Director and Stage Manager Scott MacKay

Friend in Need, Friends Indeed

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes and can show up just about anywhere. Fortunately, the same can be said of good friends! Friends in Need, Friends Indeed is a new musical from Suitcase Theatre that addresses bullying at a level appropriate for younger children. Whimsical puppets, memorable songs and audience interaction make this a fun-filled learning experience!

Spark cares deeply about her friends but sometimes they need help caring for each other: shy Pipsy, who isn’t shy about taking other people’s things; wise-cracking Widget, whose jokes aren’t always as funny as he thinks; athletic Zoomer, whose strength is also his weakness; and bossy Lola, who confuses belonging to a group with controlling it. The gang is ready for another day at school but today the most important lessons will happen outside of class…and YOU get to be the teacher!

Join Spark and Buster, the trusty bus driver, as they travel the bumpy road of getting along with others. Help them avoid the pitfalls of bullying and steer them towards a truly caring community.

Friends in Need, Friends Indeed celebrates the values of respecting others, expressing our own feelings and standing together against bullying behaviour. Children assist the characters to recognize and resolve the problem, becoming part of the solution. In this way, children learn the crucial part “bystanders” play in stopping bullying…because a friend in need, is a friend indeed!

Meet the artists and the puppets following the show.

Recommended Audience: JK-Grade 3

Group size: 5-200 people

Length: 40 minutes

For booking information, please contact

Music and lyrics by Doug Price

Directed by Daniel Brereton

Musical Director and Stage Manager Scott Mackay

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