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“It was great to see our students so engaged, excited and immersed in learning through hands-on activities in all of the centres. Everyone did a great job in involving and interacting with the students. Their excitement spoke volumes about the quality of this workshop. I recommend it to all of my colleagues.”

– JK/SK Teacher, TDSB

Thank you so much for the two workshops you ran for us yesterday. You did a fantastic job engaging all the kids, all the ages. I know everyone had a great time.”

– Chani Greenwald, MPS CCLS, Coordinator, OTF Digital Storytelling Program and Child Youth & Family Program, Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto

“…my students loved it. I would highly recommend this workshop to any teacher… the content was relevant to the Grade 6 curriculum. It was a definite asset to my drama program. Thank so much.”

- Sabrina Passero, Teacher, Nativity of Our Lord

“The workshop was excellent. The students had a really great time and were very engaged. It’s always great to have new and exciting activities planned for the students.”

– Danielle Myers, Ronald McDonald House, Toronto

Suitcase Theatre’s class workshops are developed and delivered by experienced facilitators, ECE experts, drama and dance specialists. Check out our roster of artist-educators here. We visit your school so you needn’t worry about transportation costs or permission forms. We are an approved TDSB vendor and have VSS clearance, and we also work in partnership with the TCDSB and other Boards of Education across the GTA.

We also visit Girl Guide Units and link our workshops to badge work.

Our curriculum-based workshops help develop:

  • Positive role modelling through play-based activities that build imagination, connections and cognitive skills
  • Social, emotional and literacy skill development through creativity and independent thought
  • Co-operation, promote discussion and respect
  • Exploration of virtues such as gratitude, peace, courage, love, forgiveness and compassion
  • Confidence building, character development and a love of the dramatic and visual arts

$199/morning or afternoon session.

Note: If a school books more than eight workshops at the same time, they will receive a $25 discount on each regularly priced workshop. Additional discounts do not apply.

Parent volunteers are required to help lead the centre-based workshops.

For more information, please email Victoria Snell, our Workshop and Education Manager, at or call 647-654-PLAY. Please indicate your school, preferred workshop, date and time. Thank you!

Download our workshop flyer here: Suitcase Theatre Workshops!

Our Workshops photo gallery

NEW! Dance Your Way - Grades 1-8

Dance Your Way is a movement workshop that promotes positive body image, encourages mental health and well-being and celebrates personal creative expression.  There's no choreography, no front or back, no left or right - and no judgement.  Super simple steps coach mindful movers to connect with their body and unite with music from around the world. The 2.5 hour workshop links with curriculum concepts of body, space, time, energy and relationships. Children will be able to express their authentic style and celebrate their individuality. This is creative movement for everyBODY - all ages, abilities, and experience levels welcome. The workshop includes conversation about self-expression and students build confidence through improvisation. Participants perform throughout the workshop and are encouraged to share in a closing circle of reflection.

NEW! Emotions in Motion: Helping Kids Cope - JK-Grade 2

Focusing on well-being, mental health and helping children interpret the world around them, this workshop opens the dialogue for feelings, treating friends fairly and learning coping skills that are age appropriate. Through play-based learning centres, hands-on activities, role playing, dramatic expression and puppetry, children learn how to treat themselves and others with respect, identify feelings, foster greater self-awareness and better manage situations that can be difficult.

Friendship + Family Workshop – JK/SK LEVEL

The Friendship + Family workshop rotates through five inquiry-based centres. Starting with an original story about a special pirate ship called ‘The Friendship’, the curriculum-based activities build connections, fine motor, social, language and cognitive skills. The centres include mask, hat and puppet-making, dress-up, dance, movement and music and art. The children learn why we need our family, friends, community and the environment to live happy and healthy lives. The activities also encourage taking turns, respect and independent thought. Children take home a paper suitcase that is stamped at each centre filled with the treasures they have created. Virtues: Peace, Courage, Love and Compassion.

Superkids Workshop – GRADE 1-2 LEVEL

Hop on the NO BULLIES BUS in this workshop designed to foster friendships, peace and safety. The five activity centres encourage self-worth and problem-solving through role-playing, dress-up, drama, music, art and discussion. We talk about when you should call 911 and who you can turn to if you need help when you are hurt or feeling sad. The activities also encourage taking turns, respect and independent thought. Every student makes a heart necklace and receives a special message from a friend at the end of the workshop because a friend in need, is a friend indeed. Virtues: Compassion, Love, Peace, Charity and Forgiveness

Children Around the World Workshop – JK/SK LEVEL

The Children Around the World workshop celebrates everyone’s unique abilities and reinforces that we are all the same on the inside. Through the five sensory and inquiry-based centres, children explore different cultures, foods, sounds, smells and instruments from around the world. The centres encourage role-playing and problem solving through drama, music, dress-up and a communal creative art project. The activities also encourage taking turns, respect and independent thought. Children take home the rain stick and handmade passport that they create. Virtues: Peace, Courage and Love.

All in the Community Workshop – JK/SK LEVEL

Through the five inquiry-based activities centres, students engage in interactive scenarios and learn that we all need each other to be happy and healthy in our homes, school and community. Children will learn to express how they are feeling, why it is important to have manners and how to treat others with respect. Dress-up, role playing, art activities and the use of puppet friends at the centres teaches the children about different people in the community. The class works together to create The Thankful Tree and writes down what makes them unique. Letter recognition, counting and peer discussion are also features of the workshop. Children make and create an I AM SPECIAL badge to wear home. Virtues: Hospitality, Love, Justice and Compassion

Dance Across Canada – Grades 2 – 8

Explore the diversity of Canada through the language of movement and dance. Students will learn about rhythm and keeping time as they explore many of the different styles of dance that are found within our country. You might just catch a jig, break into a Hip Hop beat, saddle up for some line dancing, twirl into a Bollywood or a Bhangra dance and so much more. This workshop teaches students the ability to express themselves in an energetic and creative setting which concludes with a peer dance performance that the students have choreographed.

All the World is a Stage – Grades 3 – 8

All the World is a Stage is an engaging and interactive workshop that gives students the opportunity to explore the vibrant history of live theatre. Students will learn about the importance of collaboration as they work with their peers to create short adaptations of classical fairy tales and fables. They learn about stage directions, various roles in theatre and other backstage elements that make a production come to life. The workshop concludes with a peer performance based on a classical tale through the students’ own creative interpretation.

Improv your Acting – Grades 4 – 8

“Improv your Acting” is a lively and humour-filled workshop that invites students to think on their feet as they are introduced to the world of improvisation. This exhilarating workshop encourages teamwork and peer support as they work together to create scenarios that invite fast creative thinking and a quick all mixed with a good dose of humour. This workshop strengthens self-esteem, helps builds confidence and nurtures peer connections and respect.

Confidence Creates Character – Grades 2 – 8

“Confidence Creates Character” offers students a safe space to express themselves. Students will explore strategies to approach difficult social settings by developing skills to alleviate anxiety, deal with peer pressure and handle bullying. The workshops helps to build character and self-confidence through a series of guided interactive role playing scenarios. Learning coping skills and bring prepared to manage potential situations is empowering and each workshop is geared to age appropriate scenarios.

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  • Payment for Completed Workshop - Schools are responsible for the full payment of workshop fees upon receipt of an invoice from Suitcase Theatre. For workshops offered to the TDSB, for example, a competed PO (Purchase Order) may be required to ensure electronic payment. 
  • Rescheduling a WorkshopWe will make every effort to reschedule the workshop with as much lead time as possible. 
  • Cancellation of a Booked Workshop - When you book your workshop with Suitcase Theatre’s Arts Educators, we reserve that time just for you. We require a minimum of two business days notice (48 hours) to cancel a workshop or your school will incur the full cost of the workshop.


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