Fun arts-based activities the whole family can enjoy this winter break.

Keep little minds and hands active with artistic fun this winter break.

Two weeks of uninterrupted family time is a lot of fun… until cabin fever kicks in! Keep your kids busy with these arts-based activities that will stretch their imaginations and flex their artistic muscles.

Special snowflakes. Head outside with magnifying glasses to examine individual snowflakes and observe how each one is different. Then grab some scissors and paper to create a blizzard of snowflakes for inside.

Make a movie. With smart phones and tablets, it’s easy to make good quality movies. Kids can write scripts, find costumes and props, and then direct and act in their very own feature films. And don’t forget the red carpet premiere!

Grab your air guitar. Or real instruments if you’ve got them. Throw on your kids’ favourite tunes and rock out. Or introduce them to some of the songs you used to sing and dance to as a kid. Funkytown anyone?

Make a family scrapbook. Introduce your kids to family they might not have met yet. Dig out those old family photo albums, and search through your digital files to create a family tree scrapbook.

Explore global New Year’s traditions. From wearing polka dots, to throwing dishes, to kissing at midnight, people around the world have many weird and wonderful ways to celebrate New Year’s. Try one with your family this year.

And of course, our favourite activity, play dress up!