Our Fundraiser

Thank you from Suitcase Theatre

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On October 30, Suitcase Theatre celebrated Hallowe’en at Smash Gallery in The Junction. Together we raised over $6000 with the help of amazing and generous donors. The money raised at this event will go to support out Outreach Program which takes our drama programs on the road to children from marginalized and low-income communities. Thank you to all donors who made the event a night to remember! Please click here to see some photos from the night.

Suitcase Theatre would like to thank our volunteer committee for all of their amazing efforts in organizing the fundraiser: Debora de S’antanna, Lisa Smith, Heather Tanti, Jess Watson, Ann Duggan and Tiffany Jay.

Thanks to our donors and sponsors:

  • Great Lakes Brewery
  • Johanna Weaver, Keller Williams Realty
  • Snaptique Boutique
  • Pony Dry
  • Eat, Drink, Marry
  • Smash Gallery
  • Russian Standard Vodka
  • Fairbank Investment
  • The Tachane Foundation
  • The Sutherland Family
  • Royal York Dental
  • Kingsway Eye Care Family Optometry
  • Vibo Restaurant
  • Eat, Drink Marry Catering
  • Dufflet
  • Julian De Zotti
  • Dr. Bernard Lawless
  • The Watson Family
  • Peter Jagla
  • The Hockey Hall of Fame
  • Fresh Up Cleaner
  • Hand & Stone Massage Kingsway
  • Windergarden
  • The Wine Shop
  • Tanya Vrga Personal Training Session
  • Bubbles and Squeak
  • Dr. Kevin Russelo and Associates
  • Baked to Decorate
  • The Pittman Family
  • Crooked Cue
  • Fig Tree
  • Monica Durante
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