Play it Forward


We believe the arts should be accessible to all children regardless of income or circumstance.

In 2013, Suitcase Theatre was granted a generous donation from The Tachane Foundation to take our plays into schools, hospitals and communities where children might not otherwise have an opportunity to experience live musical theatre.

Today, we have performed at no charge for more than 100,000 children from low income communities, in model inner city schools and in special settings like Sick Kids Hospital.

All of our plays:

-Connect live theatre with creative problem solving, risk taking and team building

-Integrate all of the ARTS, storytelling and literacy

-Educate the imagination and inform fantasy

-Enrich vocabulary development

-Help understand narrative structure and theatre production using recycled and creative props

-Develop self-confidence and collaborative skills

-Teach roles of speaking, singing, dancing, puppetry and creative movement


Eligible schools will be selected and evaluated on the Learning Opportunity Index (LOI) established by the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and through discussion with staff from the Toronto Catholic District School Board and other Boards of Education across Ontario.

Ideally, we like to be approached with a partnership – a school that can pay for a school performance matched with the school who will receive the donated performance.

Please submit a short paragraph (approximately 300 words) explaining why your school should be considered and the special needs of your school and student population. Please also include your LOI rating and information about your school population and the community you serve. We will do everything in our power to accommodate everyone. It may take a month for us to reply to your request but please know that we are working on coordinating efforts behind the scenes to accommodate the many requests we receive.

We are able to offer the Play if Forward program for 2019 but it is always contingent on funding.

For information please contact or call us at 647-654-7529 (PLAY).

To see a list of schools, hospitals and care centres where Suitcase Theatre has performed, please click Sponsored performances as of February 2017

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