Suitcase Theatre is heading to New Brunswick to tour our musical All Aboard!

Thousands of New Brunswick students will go on a musical journey across Canada in October as Suitcase Theatre tours its newest production called All Aboard: An Adventure Across Canada. Children at 20 schools across the province will have the opportunity to learn about the nation’s cultural and geographical diversity in this timely show that also celebrates the country’s 150th birthday.
The 50-minute show starts at the Imagination Station in the east coast and follows the Learning Locomotive all the way to British Columbia. Along the way, students learn about Canada’s history, industry, people and landscapes through interactive songs and by answering questions posed by the actors throughout the show.

“All Aboard: An Adventure Across Canada for Kids is one of the closest looks children can have at the country built by their parents, grandparents and great grandparents,” says Executive Director Lucie Grys.

Throughout the production, the students go fishing on the East Coast, experience both of Canada’s official languages in Quebec, explore the urban setting of Toronto, travel by canoe through Northern Ontario to see the northern lights, plant wheat in the Prairies, have fun at the Calgary Stampede and build a totem pole while learning about First Nations in British Columbia. The locations come to life through a colourful set made from nine boxes that the actors rotate and move throughout the show.

“We help teach and celebrate diversity and that’s what Canada is all about, so we are inclusive for every audience and every school,” says Mrs. Grys. The tour will take place across New Brunswick from October 9 – 20, and feature two actors who are alumni of provincial universities.

Suitcase Theatre was founded in 2008 by Stuart Gilchrist, the original producer and creator of Mr. Dressup, one of Canada’s longest running children’s television shows. Based in Toronto, Suitcase Theatre performs children’s musicals, facilitates classroom workshops and after-school programs, offers public March Break and summer camps, and delivers performances for free to thousands of children in lower income areas of Toronto through its outreach program.