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Blue Skies

Arts-Based Activities

This series of arts-based activities was created for Primary and Junior Level teachers.

Blue Skies activities are synonymous with optimism: they are non-judgmental and generate both creative ideas and goodwill in the classroom.

The Blue Skies premise is that children need to move, to laugh, to create, to sense that they are a part of a community, to experience joy in their young lives and to practice and experience empathy.

This metaphor is the perspective behind the creation of this booklet:

The Arts provide a kind of flowing river into which children may perhaps dip their toes. Perhaps they safely jump in and swim freely. Perhaps they need someone beside them… supporting, guiding or cheering them on.

Blue Skies builds on strengths rather than revealing weaknesses. Together, we are helping students to help themselves.

We know that in any classroom there are numerous diverse physical, emotional, and mental health issues. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all activity. We encourage you to personalize any of these activities for yourself and your students.

Blue Skies activities are designed to be uplifting and encourage students to work with and champion each other. We hope that you will be inspired by some of the following.



Lynda Pogue

Lynda Pogue is an Educational Consultant and Creator of Blue Skies.

Lynda’s professional career in education has always integrated the arts throughout the curriculum for children of all ages. Consulting in the arts, becoming an author, giving motivational speeches across the world, designing and teaching several university level courses across North and South America, coordinating the Virtual Classroom at TVOntario, being Director of Education for the Royal Ontario Museum, becoming Second City Canada’s first educational interpreter, and creating educational programs in Los Angeles, New York, Texas and Toronto have all involved using the arts to add deeper levels of meaning.

She is often asked to be a guest/motivational speaker for numerous educational and business groups, leadership training courses and accomplished charrette leader. In addition, she has edited and written for such publications as Women with Vision magazine (Canada), and ARTisSpectrum Magazine (New York). She is busy keynote speaking and leading workshops across the world, designing and teaching Expressive Arts courses and consulting with artists and educators who feel the need to renew their focus and energy. Lynda Pogue is also an award-winning Canadian artist.

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