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If you have any recommendations, we are more than happy to add to our list so please keep us informed on new content, websites, support material and literature.

We have assembled lists of books for children and educators, a selection of classroom art-based activities called Blue Skies and online resources from the Ontario College of Teachers to educators recognize and address mental health in the classroom.

To download the Blue Skies Teachers Guide, please click the link below:

The Ontario College of Teachers

On November 8, 2018, the Council of the Ontario College of Teachers approved this professional advisory. 

 It is intended to help Ontario Certified Teachers (OCTs) to support students with mental health concerns and understand how to assist in their support. This advisory applies to all OCTs, including, but not limited to, teachers, consultants, principals, vice-principals, supervisory officers, directors of education and those working in non-school board positions.

To view the online link, click here

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